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Integrated Model of Care and Service Delivery

The NHS 2018-2022 aims to have a more integrated model of care cantered around the needs of the population, delivering the outcomes of Better Health, Better Care and Better Value

What is Integrated Model of Care and Service Delivery?

WHO defines integrated care as "The management and delivery of health services so that clients receive a continuum of preventive and curative services, according to their needs over time and across different levels of the health system." The definition goes on to explain that for the patient, integration means healthcare that is seamless, smooth and easy to navigate. An Integrated model of high-quality care and service delivery will provide high quality, evidence-based and best practice services at all levels within the system.

Why is it a priority?

The current situation in Qatar is still characterized by fragmented care, with lack of standardized and efficient care transitions between different levels of care and organizations. The future model of care will be centred on the needs of the individual, families and the community, and will be supported by an integrated and cohesive system. As such, patients will be empowered to share in responsibility for their health, and will be supported for self-health and self-care services. Care services will be accessible in a timely manner, when and where needed.

What are our targets by 2022?

5% reduction of overall amenable cause specific mortality
15% reduction of preventable hospital admissions for primary care sensitive conditions
85% of attendances to Emergency Department seen, managed and discharged within 4 hours
5% year on year reduction of Healthcare Acquired Infections (HCAI), in accordance with international best practice

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  • Project 1.1: Primary Care as the Foundation
  • Project 1.3: Continuing Care Design

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