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Mental Health and Wellbeing

The NHS 2018-2022 will aim to dispel the stigma and improve access to high quality mental health services, in order to enable the population to seek mental care in a safe and familiar environment when they need it, maintaining their dignity and respect.

Who constitutes this priority population?

The long-term resident and citizen that has been diagnosed with a mental health condition; those at high risk of suffering from a mental health condition, or think that they may have a mental health condition, but are not yet diagnosed.

Why is this population a priority?

Good mental health enables people to be more actively engaged in society, work productively and contribute to their communities. People with mental health needs are often stigmatized and therefore, may not seek support, treatment or care; however, they are in greater need of care as they experience high rates of disability and mortality.

What is our target by 2022?

Improved access to mental health services, with 20% of care being delivered in the primary and community sector by 2020.

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  • Project 1.4: Mental Health Design

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