Facilities & General Services

Parallel with the progress and expansion witnessed by the state on a general level and the Supreme Council of Health in particular, rises the role of facilities and general services department to help and support the other departments of the Council by providing the best services, which enables council's staff to perform all their tasks satisfactorily.

The department is providing services such as (Housing, library services & foodstuffs .. etc.) to the all staff of the Supreme Council of Health. This besides providing the security of the building and maintenance work required to the Council building & all the buildings belongs to the Council. Addition to the preparation and supervision on the new engineering projects for the Supreme Council for Health.

The facilities and general services department is including the following sections:

  • Security and Transportation section:

The section of Security and Transportation is the in charge section to apply the procedures that ensure the security and safety of the people and their properties, also the section is responsible to provide management and guidance, planning, implementation and follow up all matters relating to security, safety and traffic in the Supreme Council of Health and the development of the rules and the technical regulations to ensure the safety of personnel and property.

Beside developing the strategies both in the training programs or education and awareness programs with which to improve the standard of the employees. Also the section is responsible to oversee the organization process of the movement of vehicles of the Council and provide drivers and cover the needs of all departments and sections from various transportation means with following-up vehicles/cars maintenance.

  • General services section:

The General Services Section is considered as a logistical section which is helping the process of support and assistance to all other sections and departments. The section provides all the necessary items for the staff of the Supreme Council of Health buildings and what is required to enable them from doing their work completely without any lack of the official equipment.

  • Facilities section with two divisions
  1. Maintenance

The maintenance section in the Facilities & General Services Dept fundamentally represent the supporting arm for all departments in the SCH, due to his direct involvement in supervision and follow up operation, in addition to a wide array of technical duties & project Management in critical fields:

  • HVAC.
  • MEP.
  • Safety & Security Policies.
  • Multilateral Technical Services.
  • Coordination & Supervision.
  • Various Execution Works.
  1. Engineering design & projects:

The project & design section comprises an elite team of qualified Engineers, Architects, and Designers with high experience in project management, construction management field, health care facilities design, and other technical disciplines like mechanical & electrical engineering, providing skilled engineering abilities, professional services, and technical support for the existing health care facility and future projects referred to the SCH.

The Project & design team coordinates with other medical teams &end users to ensure the fulfillment of their requirements while the data collection & planning process of any proposed health care projects, in addition to the engineering supervision and follow up procedures to certify the completion in the agreed period and the ultimate standards.

  • Housing section

The housing section is related to the FGS Dept. while it’s designated of other sections, fundamentally it represent a special service characteristic, undertaking the duties of facilitating rentals for houses, apartments, villas, and accommodation units for the SCH staff.

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