Human Resources

Human Resources Department scope:

HR Dept. handles all the administrative and humanitarian issues of the staff. In return for their services, the Supreme Council of Health develops the staff skills, encourages and motivates them, elevates their levels of individual and institutional performance, and ensure their continued commitment towards achieving its vision and strategic goals.

Human Resources Department helps the Supreme Council of Health manage and develop the following factors:

  • Performance management and individual as well as institutional productivity
  • All work processes
  • Personnel relations
  • Conflicts
  • Efforts necessary to ease the tension and pressure of work
  • Compensations and benefits

Human Resources Department objectives:

Societal goals:
As it recognizes its moral and social responsibility to fulfill the needs of the society, the Human Resources Department provide opportunities for training, local as well as international scholarships, and work on national cadres rehabilitation and development.

Organizational goals:
Maximize the organizational effectiveness as the Human Resources Department is the means on which the Supreme Council of Health depends mainly to achieve its strategic objectives, due to the excellent working environment it creates.

Career goals:
Provide the best services that meet the needs of the Supreme Council of Health, through giving instructions and support and facilitating the rapid fulfillment of the staff requirements. This is to enable them on all levels to boost work productivity.

Personal goals:
The Human Resources Department helps the staff as well achieve their personal goals by enabling them draw their career paths, providing them with all the tools and capabilities needed. In fact these goals enhance individuals’ contribution to the Supreme Council of Health.

Human Resources Department terms of references:

  • Workforce and projects planning including working with all the Supreme Council of Health’s departments on determining the annual needs of employees.
  • Recruitment (selection and appointment): it fulfills the departments’ needs in a timely manner, according to each position specifications and requirements.
  • Compensations and benefits management: This is done in coordination with the Finance Department so as to ensure the accuracy of compensations and benefits payment to each employee.
  • Human resources development: Through training and improvement, e-learning, local and international scholarship opportunities, advancing skills, leadership as well as talented individuals.
  • Individual and institutional performance management.
  • Personnel affairs and work relations: Human Resources Department carries out all the staff requests and issues them the certificates, and letters they need.

Human Resources Department main activities:

  • Human resources planning
  • Job analysis
  • Job design
  • Recruitment and selection
  • Induction program for new employees
  • Training and development
  • Individual and institutional performance evaluation
  • Job evaluation
  • Motivation
  • Communication
  • Personnel affairs and services

Human Resources Department Vision:

It seeks to reach the highest levels of excellence within the State of Qatar in be distinct performing its strategic role at the Supreme Council of Health, to make it become the best place of attracting, recruiting and improving cadres. Human Resources Department also seeks to maximize the added value of human resources in a way helpful to the realization of the Vision, mission and objectives of the Supreme Council of Health.

Human Resources Department Strategy:

This Strategy emanates from the Supreme Council of Health’s Strategy and Vision, which is associated with Qatar National Vision 2030 and the National Health Strategy 2011-2016. It is based on several directions as follows:

  • Effective planning for the labor force needs according to work requirements and the strategic directions of the Supreme Council of Health.
  • Having different ways for hiring qualified sources, and following the recent methods of attracting and selecting qualified ones. This is to provide the Supreme Council of Health with qualified national cadres, that contribute to achieving the goals and Vision of the Supreme Council of Health.
  • Maintaining qualified labor force.
  • Offering training and learning opportunities, individual and group development plans, so as to contribute to improve the level of skills and staff knowledge.
  • Caring for developing the talented and leaders, and enable them to work effectively.
  • Following the best practices of managing and developing the performance at the Supreme Council of Health on both the individual and institutional level.
  • Creating a friendly work environment based on the spirit of teamwork.
  • Helping employees achieve a balance between work and life.
  • Motivating and encouraging the staff on development and innovation.
  • Providing employees with the best possible services.
  • Adapting the recent human resource management systems for having an accurate staff database, and raising the efficiency of human resource management processes.

Contact Info:

To communicate with the Human Resources Department, e-mail your inquires according to the subject matter to the following addresses:

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