Medical Relations & Treatment Abroad

The Medical Relations and Treatment Abroad Department is in-charge of the administrative supervision of the Department of Medical Relations and the Treatment Abroad and the Overseas Medical Offices (London, Washington, Bon & Bangkok). It is responsible, through a string of regulations and provisions, for organizing the process of medical treatment abroad.

Treatment Abroad:

  • Organize the process and procedures of medical treatment abroad in accordance with the applied provisions, regulations and decisions.

  • Take the necessary arrangements pertaining to the departure of the patients and their attendants for treatment abroad.

  • Advise the employers of the patient and his/her attendants of their departure and returning dates.

  • Advise the patients of the approvals.

  • Prepare and arrange for the Medical Committees’ meetings.

    1. The High Committee for Treatment Abroad.

    2. Fitness & Disability Committee.

The Advisory Medical Committee for Fitness & Disability

This committee reviews the following applications:

  • Approval of sick-leaves.

  • Social insurance applications.

  • Disability loss ratio of work injury.

  • Fitness for practice application.

  • Work Release application.

  • Finger print exemption request.

  • Maternity leave.

Contact Numbers:

  • E-mail of the Department:

  • Hotline for Diwan’s patients: 33559950

  • Customers’ services contact numbers: 44070005 / 44070054 / 44070079

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