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Communication & Media


Improve health communication competencies, and create a positive impact in the community through education, improved health literacy in the public and private sectors through effective, and tailored health communication campaigns, interventions, community outreach, engagement initiatives, and Partnerships.


  • Provide education, resources, outreach, and engagement activities to empower the community to make informed health decisions and choices about their health.

  • Improve the communication of health-related information between and among health consumers, physicians, students, other health care professionals, and the general public through education, and dissemination of effective health communication strategies.

  • Planning and executing Public relations programs that effectively communicate the SCH achievements, news, highlights, and messages in the media in Qatar and outside, ensuring proper positioning, and branding of the SCH.

  • Enable and equip healthcare departments, and organizations to effectively communicate for improved health outcomes.

  • Facilitate the exchange of information between the SCH and the general public.

  • Strengthen International Health Diplomacy in the EMRO Region and WHO.


  • A better informed community of priority health issues in Qatar.

  • A preventative approach to handling all disease types by increasing awareness and changing behaviors, focusing on risk factors, chronic diseases, and infectious diseases.

  • Increased partnerships with the private sector “CSR”.

  • Better coordination between all health players in Qatar, and other relevant organizations like MOE, Media, and Awkaf.

  • A focus on community involvement in addressing health issues and concerns, to build ownership, and ensure sustainability.

  • Planning and executing evidence based interventions, with extensive use of research for all planning and evaluation purposes.

  • Setting and focusing on program Communication and using a well balanced media mix to achieve results through using of traditional and non traditional media.

  • Strengthening internal communication within the SCH to build a higher sense of loyalty of Council staff.

  • Maintaining a consistent look and branding of the SCH in all types of media.

  • A collaborative work relationship with international and Regional Organizations.


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