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Healthcare Quality & Patient Safety

Quality of healthcare means the provision of the necessary health care service to the appropriate person at the right time, and using the best means with the objective of getting the best results for each individual patient, and the community at large.

The widely used definition of healthcare quality is drawn from the one given by the American Institute of Medicine, which describes it as the care characterized by:

  • Safety: through protection of patients against harm during providing healthcare to them.

  • Timely provision of service: through decreasing waiting time.

  • Effectiveness: through providing services which are based on scientific knowledge, and avoiding unnecessary services.

  • Patient centered: through providing services which meet the patients' needs.

  • Efficiency: through avoiding wasteful practices.

  • Equality: through the provision of services irrespective of who the patient is.

Accreditation is one way through which health care institutions express their commitment to improve aspects related to patient safety and quality of the health service. Accreditation is used to assess institutions providing health services by an external body as far as their satisfactory performance is concerned according to the set out standards of enhancing the culture of safety, and the introduction of the required improvements. Accreditation is awarded by some internationally recognized agencies like the Joint Commission International (JCI) and the Australian Council of Healthcare Standards (ACHS).

Patient Safety This aspect focuses on prevention against any harm or danger to patients while they are receiving healthcare, whether this harm is due to medical errors or infections resulting at the health care facilities. There is no doubt that patient safety represents one of the most important aspects of healthcare quality


To lead the health care quality initiative in Qatar and provide information, education and support to all health sectors seeking quality of services to all patients all the time.


  1. Be the national leader and the driving force behind the implementation of quality standards of health in Qatar.

  2. Develop and publish national quality measurements and standards based on international and regional health quality initiatives that are suitable, realistic and achievable.

  3. Promote the development and use of health information technology as a major source behind improving the quality of health care provided.

  4. Initiate strategic partnerships with governmental and non-governmental agencies and bodies to achieve maximum buy-in and support for the department’s goals.

  5. Promote a culture of quality in health between providers and beneficiaries.

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