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Request for a final assessment for pharmaceutical facility licensing

Owners of pharmacies icon Owners of pharmacies
Owners of drug stores icon Owners of drug stores
Step 3 - A final visit and inspection of the facility to be licensed shall be made by a pharmacist inspector from the Pharmacy and Drug Control Department to grant the license.

Required Documents

  • Application for final assessment registration
  • Request to pharmacy director for final inspection 
  • Copy of preliminary Evaluation report
  • Copy of pharmacist in charge license 
  • External board photo of the facility
  • Copy of commercial registration, commercial license 
  • Copy of civil defense approval 
  • Approval of security system Departmental at the Ministry of Interior regarding security system & cameras (pharmaceutical drug stores inpatient pharmacy)
  • List of Medical staff
  • Names of Authorized persons to sign official litters 
  • Electricity & water number 
  • Copy of contract with waste treatment company 
  • Undertaking of restricting the blacklist / Banned from practicing any health profession
  • Undertaking form for Patient bills of rights and responsibilities 
  • Telephone number for communication

Please click  E-Services  link below to send all requirements by email. 

After reviewing the submitted documents, the following is done:

  1. Determine an appointment for a visit to the pharmaceutical facility site by the pharmacist inspector.
  2. A visit to the pharmaceutical facility site by the pharmacist inspector from the Department of Pharmacy and Drug Control.
  3. In the event of approval, contact is made with the establishment owner or his representative to pay the license fees.
  4. After paying the fees, the final license is granted

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