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Request for an initial assessment of a pharmaceutical facility

Owners of drug stores icon Owners of drug stores
Owners of pharmacies icon Owners of pharmacies
Step 2 for Pharmaciutical Facility Licensing - An initial visit is made to the facility site to be licensed by an inspector from the Pharmacy and Drug Control Department to give the facility initial approval

Required Documents

  • Application for initial assessment registration.
  • Request to pharmacy director for final inspection. 
  • Copy of preliminary Approval. 
  • Copy of police clearance.
  • Copy of rental contract of facility. 
  • Copy of I.D of the owner.  
  • Lay out of the facility showing area and location.  
  • Copy of license of healthcare facility regarding inpatient pharmacy.
  • Telephone number for communication

Please click  E-Services  link below to send all requirements by email. 

After reviewing the submitted documents, the following is done:

  1. set a date to visit the site by the inspector.
  2. Visit the site by an inspector from the pharmacy and drug control department.
  3. In the event of approval, a letter of initial approval for the initial inspection is given.

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