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Volunteer With Us

Volunteer With Us ​​

​​​Social Committee of the Ministry of Public Health - volunteer with us
The Social Committee of the Ministry of Public Health is a non-functional committee established in 2014, and it aims to enhance social responsibility by:
  1. ​Encouraging volunteers from outside the Ministry of Public Health to participate in the success of the Ministry's activities, according to the requirements of the administration organizing the event
  2. Encourage volunteers belonging to the Social Committee of the Ministry of Public Health to participate in volunteer work with other external charitable and social organizations and bodies
​To join the work of the Social Committee or to search for volunteers from the Ministry of Public Health, please register your participation by filling out the form below and following the following steps:

  1. ​​The first level: the participation of volunteers from outside the ministry in the activities of the ministry
    • ​The volunteer should follow the following steps:
      • Entering his personal information and identifying favorite areas for volunteering .. (religious, cultural, heritage, sports, health, entertainment, and social activities ...)
      • Determine the nature of the volunteer work preferred during the activities .. Enter data and registration (names of participants, results ...) - Office and administrative work - Public service - Guidance and guidance - Supervision​
  2. ​​The second level: cooperation with external parties
    • In the context of the Ministry of Public Health’s openness to community work outside the walls of the ministry, it provides, through the Social Committee, a number of active volunteers with experience in volunteer work .. Accordingly, the requesting body of volunteers (external charitable and social institutions) is requested to provide the following:
      • ​​Breif about the requesting party
      • Contact information for event or activity coordinators
      • Number of volunteers required
      • Volunteer areas ​​ : 42
Phone : 44070000
Official Working Hours :
Sunday - Thursday 7:00 AM - 2:00 PM

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