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Healthy Women Leading to Healthy Pregnancies


​ Plans for ‘Healthy Women Leading to Healthy Pregnancies’ aim to improve the capability to monitor causes of maternal complications, introducing national protocols and guidelines for maternity care including infertility and caesarians, introducing a midwifery care service and providing integrated high-quality maternity services across the various stages of pregnancy, delivery and after delivery.

We will help, inform and empower women to lead healthier lives by providing them with high quality maternal care, enabling them to take care of themselves and their children.


Who constitutes this priority population?

All citizens and resident women of Qatar of childbearing age (15-49 years of age).


Why is this population a priority?

Healthy women lead to healthy pregnancies, and healthy pregnancies lead to healthy children, consequently healthy society, and healthy generations to come.


What is our target by 2022?

>5% improvement in the health and wellbeing indicators of reproductive aged women, which lead to healthy pregnancies by 2022

National Lead

Dr. Najat Ali Mohsen Khenyab
Sr. Consultant, Ob/Gyn, Head of Fetomaternal Medicine, HMC

Deputy National Lead

Dr. Thoraya Almarzooqi
Senior OBGYN consultant, HMC

To contact us please click : 42
Phone : 44070000
Official Working Hours :
Sunday - Thursday 7:00 AM - 2:00 PM

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