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Effective System of Governance and Leadership


​​​Plans for 'Effective System of Governance and Leadership' aim to introduce unified sector planning and monitoring led by the Ministry of Public Health, enhance quality and patient safety monitoring systems, and enhance regulatory functions for facilities licensing, pharmaceuticals and research. The plans also include the introduction of a Health Insurance scheme, the development of a sector strategy for private sector investment, the creation of a national knowledge platform, as well as the development of patient experience functions and mechanisms to include patients' input into clinical service design. 

What is Effective System of Governance and Leadership?

As per the WHO World Health Report (2000), there are six building blocks of an effective health system, each of which is critical and must work effectively together. Those components are health service delivery, health workforce, health information systems, access to essential medicines, health system financing, leadership, and governance.

Why is it a priority?

An effective system of governance and leadership should integrate various components of a complex health system to ensure Better Health, Better Care, and Better Value for all the population. A strong and effective system is fundamental to improving health outcomes and accelerating progress towards achieving health goals.

What is our target by 2022?

A 3 Score Increase in the Universal Health Coverage Index by 2022​​ : 42
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