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Health in All Policies


​​​Plans for 'Health in All Policies' aim to introduce an inter-sectoral approach to legislation and policy and to achieve the WHO Healthy City Accreditation by 2022.

What is Health in All Policies?

Health in All Policies (HiAP) is an inter-sectoral collaborative approach to improving the health and equity for all populations by incorporating health considerations and implications into all decision-making processes.

The main focus of HiAP is to identify policy measures that provide a “win-win" or “co-benefits" situation that help to achieve not only improved health outcomes, but also the desired outcomes of other sectors, such as education, social protection, and environment. As such, HiAP aims to achieve four key elements: promoting health and equity, supporting inter-sectoral collaboration, creating co-benefits for multiple partners, and creating structural or process change.

Why is it a priority?

The Health in All Policies approach helps to address the social, physical, and economic environments that are the key drivers of health outcomes and health inequities. Through collaboration across sectors, HiAP can help identify areas of duplication between agencies and encourage discussions on how best to share resources and reduce waste. Therefore, cost-effective interventions and policies centered on promoting healthy behaviour and prevention can be developed.

What is our target by 2022?

By 2022, by pursuing a Health in All Policy approach, Qatar will have WHO Healthy City Accreditation completed in at least one community. : 42
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