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Communicable (infectious)​ diseases

 Communicable (infectious) diseases account for approximately 8% of all deaths in Qatar, and continue to present a challenge to public health services.

Health repercussions

A large proportion of the annual deaths in Qatar are due to the transmission of (communicable) diseases, which negatively affects the quality of life of the population, and places a heavy burden on the health care system in Qatar.

In this regard, Qatar supports the goals of the United Nations Sustainable Development Organization, including the third goal related to good health and well-being which states: Transitional diseases (infectious) "by the year 2030.


Health goals associated with communicable diseases

  • Implementing and supporting effective programs to prevent HIV / AIDS, including education and awareness programs, and antiretroviral therapy
  • Implement a comprehensive program to combat sexually transmitted infections
  • Implement effective programs to prevent viral hepatitis
  • Implement effective TB control programs that include diagnosis, physical therapy and reporting
  • Strengthening the capacity of the public health system to monitor and respond to cases of foodborne illness, including accelerating the response, improving procedures for identifying the source of the epidemic, identifying factors for its spread, and improving reporting mechanisms
  • Establish and support recommended routine and vaccination coverage for the adult population, including groups most vulnerable to transmission (communicable) diseases.
  • Eradication of communicable diseases (infectious) recommended, such as polio and elimination of measles, regular and German measles
  • Apply and enforce vaccination management, and general guidelines for storing and using vaccines, to reduce waste and ensure proper vaccination​
  • Achieving the compliance of the main and subsidiary committees recommended for their establishment in the International Health Regulations of 2005 : 42
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