Herbal Products, Dietary Supplements & Medicated Cosmetics


  1. Requirements for classification of Medicated products

Herbal / Dietary Supplementss / Meicated Cosmetics Company Registeration:

  1. Company Registration Requirements
  2. Application Form A
  3. Submission Check List - Companies
  4. Herbal Products, Dietary Supplements and Medicated Cosmetics Store Requirements

Herbal Products, Dietary Supplements and Medicated Cosmetics Registration:

  1. Product Registration Requirements
  2. Registration Certificate Template
  3. Application Form B
  4. Submission Check List - Products


  1. Requirement for importation permit
  2. Application for herbal products importer registration (Form C)
  3. Importation Request Form (Form D)

Registered Products:

- List of Registered Herbal Products, Dietary Suuplements and Medicated Cosmetics  in Qatar


  1. Circular about Camphor Preparations
  2. Circular regarding completion of registration requirements.
  3. Circular 1/2017 regarding classification requests