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Vendor Registration

Ministry of Public Health (MOPH) invites all potential Vendors (Suppliers and Contractors) interested to participate in MOPH Tenders or to be eligible to receive Request for Quotations. Vendors can request for a new registration or request for updating of existing registration details, via the Registration Forms. The details & information submitted will be reviewed for compliance with MOPH requirements. Upon completion of registration, Vendors will be notified of their registration.

Important Note:

Suppliers & Contractors are required to complete the Registration Forms and to provide MOPH with all required supporting documents.

Highlights on Filling up the Registration Forms

Ministry of Public Health (MOPH) proposes to integrate computerized system and requires the restructuring of the current database of registration bidders for MOPH tenders. The vendors Category List Data sheet is one of the tools for gathering data for the bidders list in a structured manner. Vendor is requested to fill up the attached forms in regard to their services / materials category in which vendor specialized in. However, Vendor can apply for listing of not more than 5 sub categories of Standard Equipment Category (SEC).

User Guideline for (SEC) is as follows:

  1. Supply of materials – (designated by category code & sub – category).
  2. Vendor shall identify the types of materials / services as provided in the SEC.


  2. Sub Category e.g. 1 Lab Furniture

Vendors may indicate the principle / brand / make that vendor is representing. However, vendor can apply for SEC addition from time to time at least 6 (six months) from the date of the first registration.


MOPH Local Supplier Registration Form 1 Download
MOPH Local Supplier Registration Form 2 Download
Standard Equipment Category (SEC) Download

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