Health Services

MOPH function is oversight of the quality and effectiveness of service delivered by primary care, hospitals and other public and private sector health service providers to ensure that standards are met and performance targets achieved.

MOPH has a special role to play in ensuring that the public health of the country receives adequate attention. It oversees public health programs related to the control of infectious diseases, and coordinates with other agencies on environmental and public safety promotion. It is also our responsibility to ensure that the nation is prepared for any public health emergency.

In short, MOPH  is the steward of the health of Qatar’s people. It has the dual mandate to develop policies and programs to improve the people’s health so that they may enjoy longer and more productive lives, and to lay the foundation for a vibrant country for decades to come.

MOPH does not provide clinical services. Instead our goal is to vest responsibility for care in the hands of public institutions such as Hamad Medical Corporation and the private sector while regulating, monitoring, and evaluating this care against agreed upon outcomes to ensure that acceptable quality of care is provided.

MOPH is committed to establishing an environment that promotes quality and wellness through wise policies in such areas as health insurance, information technology, licensure and credentialing and continuing medical education.

MOPH services can be devided into two main categories:

  1. Services to Public

  2. Services to Healthcare Professionals

  3. Other Services