Healthcare Practitioners Registration & Licensing

Healthcare Practitioner Registration/licensing Process Map


The main purpose of the process map is to provide the healthcare practitioners with an overall view of each phase in the Registration/ Licensing process that all healthcare practitioners are required to complete, in order to obtain their medical license.

Qualifying Examination


The qualifying exam is considered to be one of the requirements for registration / licensing of healthcare practitioners to ensure the efficiency and the eligibility of applicants to work safely in the State of Qatar.

Primary Source Verification


Primary source verification (PSV) is the process of checking the educational background, training, experience as well as other credentials of all healthcare practitioners applying for registration and licensing in both the private and public healthcare sectors in the State of Qatar.

This assures the regulators that all healthcare practitioners’ credentials are verified as genuine thus, ensuring safe and effective professional practice in the State of Qatar.

Primary source verification (PSV) means that those applicants who present false or misleading credentials are discovered early and disallow them from working in Qatar. It also allows Qatar Council for Healthcare Practitioners (QCHP) to notify other registration authorities of fraudulent applicants.