National Immunization Program

Immunization gives more lives and prevents more diseases than any medical treatment. The vaccines develop the defense system in your body (immunity) so that you are protected against diseases. Vaccine preventable diseases are still the major cause of morbidity and mortality among children causing pneumonia, brain damage, choking, heart problems, paralysis, liver damage etc.

Basic vaccines are given at an early age and each of them has a specific time for starting e.g. MMR vaccine is not effective till 1 year of age. Each of the vaccines have to be spaced by a defined interval to ensure their effectiveness. Hence, the immunization schedule of Qatar has been prepared keeping all these issues in mind. The National Immunization Committee makes changes in the schedule according to the trends of disease prevalence in the State of Qatar. A total of 11 different vaccines were given till 2004 to protect against the major life threatening diseases of childhood. Recently, in 2005 a 12th vaccine, the Pneumococcal Conjugate Vaccine, has been added.

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Important Note

The green card for vaccinations of children has been laid off and the Primary Health Care Corporation has issued an improved booklet includes all the information related to child health, and this booklet is available in all health centers where the customers can get it from which health center they are registered in .