Port Health & Food Control

Port Health & Food Control Section is responsible for monitoring and inspection of imported foods to ensure its fitness for human consumption. It controls and prevents the entry of adulterated food.

It is regulating the destruction of food that unfit for human consumption, collect and test the imported food samples that enter the country for the first time, as well as periodically in coordination with the central food lab.

Port Health & Food Control Section is responsilble for Banning infected food from infected areas, Guidance the food importers by providing them with the required specifications and standards for different imported food and Giving advice for the customers regarding any information required for the correct method to import food.

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Food Registration System Guides

  1. Appendix No (1) - HS Codes for Foodstuff
  2. Appendix No (2) - Food Categories According to International Classification
  3. Appendix No (3) - Lists of Technical Regulations and Standards of Foodstuff
  4. Appendix No (5) - Prohibited Health Claims and Nutritional Claims
  5. Guide to Food Registration System for Users and Auditors
  6. Food Regestration General Principles Food Establishments


Lows & Regulations


List of Approved Islamic Associations in the Countries Exporting to Qatar for Halal and Halal Slaughterhouse Certificates


List of Banned Imported Foodstuff to Qatar


Foodstuff Transportation Requirements in Summer

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Emiri Food Control Law 8 / 1990

Application Forms


Food Consignment Registration Form


Request to Release Detained Foodstuff


Request to re-Test Food Sample

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Request for Health Certificate of Export/Re-Export Foodstuff

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Request for FoodStuff Certificate (Rejection - Destruction)


Request for Foodstuff Destruction

Payment Order