Premarital Test

There is no doubt that prevention is one of the most important means to avoid risks. This prevention can be provided through the pre-marital medical examination to avoid hereditary diseases and protect our children and grandchildren.

Our True Religion, Islam, has put forward the rules and principles to build a healthy and sound family, in addition to live a happy marital life. Allah has directed us to take the right path by saying:
"Do not kill yourselves as Allah has been merciful on you…".
Our great Prophet said to the she-camel owner…"Shackle it first, then trust in Allah".
From this understanding come our directives for all who intend to get married to have the pre-marital medical examination; because this is the way to protect our descendents against diseases which only appear after birth.

Following the instructions of your doctor is one most valuable advice for those who intend to get married to avoid many health problems. This should be coupled with having a sound diet system, practicing physical exercise, observing your weight, giving up smoking, decreasing your intake of stimulants like tea, coffee etc…, carbonated drinks and sugars for their negative effect on fertility and fetus growth. One should never take any medicines without consultation of the doctor. Women should take folic acid before pregnancy to minimize any deformation to the fetal nervous tube. For women with some types of heart diseases, the case has to be stable before pregnancy for the sake of the mother's life. During pregnancy the mother should have the appropriate treatment which does not affect the fetus, specially medicines taken for thyroid gland, epilepsy, blood clotting, blood pressure and diabetes. All this is necessary to avoid any hard and lengthy trouble in the future.