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The Pathway to Change

The Qatar National Vision (QNV) 2030 is based on the guiding principles of Qatar’s Permanent Constitution. It is the primary catalyst driving change and growth across Qatar. It reflects the aspirations of the Qatari people and the resolve of its leadership. The QNV 2030 rests on 4 pillars: human development (including health), social development, economic development, and environmental development.

National Development Strategy 2011–2016

The National Development Strategy (NDS) 2011-2016 details 14 sector Strategies which combine to deliver the QNV 2030 objectives. The NDS provides, within the context of the QNV 2030, an integrated, medium-term framework for policy formulation, as well as setting out regulatory and institutional framework changes and implementable projects.

The National Health Strategy document lays out the 7 principle health goals of the QNV and aligns each of the 39 National Health Strategy projects to one of the 7 goals.

The 7 National Health Strategy Goals

The NHS provides a guiding work plan through projects and associated implementation plans to achieve the goals of QNV 2030

Goal 1:

A Comprehensive World-Class Healthcare System whose services are accessible to the whole population.

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Goal 1 projects will deliver an integrated model of services for the country but in order to do this Qatar’s health sector must shift the balance of care from hospital based care as the first point of contact, toward a preventive and community based model.

The focus is on the ensuring access for the population to the right care, at the right time, in the right setting, by the right team.

Goal 2:

An Integrated System of healthcare offering high-quality services.

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Goal 2 projects will ensure that the future of Qatar’s healthcare system provides a full continuum of care, and that patients experience benefits from the system’s cohesiveness and connectedness.

Goal 3:

Preventive Healthcare, taking into account the differing needs of men, women, and children.

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Goal 3 delivery will ensure Qatar can manage critical public health challenges; with over 60% of deaths caused by diseases, injuries and risk factors that are largely preventable. A shift in the current healthcare system’s focus from management of illness to more proactive prevention and early detection will be crucial to the success of the NHS.

Goal 4:

A skilled national workforce capable of providing high-quality health services.

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Goal 4 will support the health sector growth. Just as people are the country’s most valuable assets, human resources are the health sector’s most valuable asset. The healthcare workforce development is critical in the delivery of high-quality care, expected in Qatar.

Goal 5:

A national health policy that sets and monitors standards.

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Goal 5 projects enable a robust policy and regulatory framework to build an effective healthcare system distinguished by quality and accountability. Since its establishment in 2009, SCH has increased both its capacity and capability to fulfill its leadership and regulatory role.

Goal 6:

Effective and affordable services in accordance with the principle of partnership in bearing the costs of healthcare.

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Goal 6 focuses on enhanced budgeting, detailed planning of health service demand models and infrastructure development, to provide decision makers with greater ability to monitor and control finances and healthcare expenditures.

Goal 7:

High-calibre research directed at improving the effectiveness and quality of healthcare.

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Qatar has embarked on an ambitious research program. However, historically there has been limited national coordination. Until the NHS, healthcare research activities in Qatar almost exclusively focused on biomedical topics, with little attention on public health and policy projects. To meet the QNV 2030 goals on quality and effectiveness of research, the NHS will create national alignment on health research activities and promote appropriate utilization of resources.

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