National Mental Health Strategy

Changing Minds, Changing Lives

The National Mental Health Strategy has been launched in 9 December 2013. It sets out Qatar’s vision to provide the best possible mental health services for our citizens, while changing attitudes towards mental illness

Vision for Mental Health in Qatar:

“Good mental health and wellbeing for the people of Qatar, supported by integrated mental health services with access to the right care, at the right time and in the right place”

Qatar’s first National Mental Health Strategy is a critical part of the National Health Strategy (2011-16) and demonstrates progress in transforming the health sector and developing integrated health services. The National Mental Health Strategy contributes to the human development pillar of the Qatar National Vision 2030, which recognizes that a healthy mind is as important as a healthy body. The National Mental Health Strategy outlines a 5 year plan to design and build a comprehensive and integrated mental health system, including education, services, leadership and research. The strategy includes a new model of care that will change the way mental health services are delivered in Qatar, giving people a range of choices on how and where they receive care when they need it. Qatar’s public and private health service providers are united behind this integrated plan. The Supreme Council of Health, Hamad Medical Corporation and Primary Health Care Corporation are the key healthcare partners in delivery of the strategy.

The Strategy includes 10 pledges which describe the benefits for our people as we deliver the system wide changes for mental health. A key outcome of implementing the Mental Health Strategy is to increase the number of people who have access to the care they need. We will achieve this by reducing stigma, offering treatment in a range of settings, building a mental health trained workforce, improving facilities and increasing financial investment over the next 5 years. The Supreme Council of Health has set a clear vision to create a high-quality mental health system for Qatar and will take a leading role in monitoring the successful implementation of the strategy.

Why does Qatar need a Mental Health Strategy?

  • Good mental health is central to quality of life for individuals and their families, and to the social and economic success of societies and nations

  • Mental Health is as important as physical health to the overall wellbeing

  • Mental illness is common across the world and research undertaken in Qatar estimates that 1 in 5 people experience a mental illness at any one time

  • Mental health issues are often misunderstood and frequently surrounded by negative attitudes

  • Changes to mental health service delivery and increasing awareness about mental illness can improve the lives of many in Qatar

  • The strategy sets out a plan to promote good mental health and wellbeing, to prevent mental illnesses and to develop tailored, quality services that can be accessed when mental health issues occur


The Future Mental Health System in Qatar:

  • People seek help without fear of stigma

  • A range of information and supports are available

  • People who need services can access them

  • A high quality, well resourced workforce

  • Services in a range of settings

  • Comprehensive standards and guidelines

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