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National Clinical Guidelines

The Ministry of Public Health (MOPH), Healthcare Quality and Patient Safety Department has made significant progress in reaching the goals outlined by Project 2.1.2: National Clinical Guidelines. Through this project National Clinical Guidelines are developed and introduced to help standardize; whenever possible, the management and treatment of patients across the Qatari healthcare system, whilst simultaneously optimising both outcome and resource utilisation.

There has been a large amount of activity around this project whereby the National Clinical Guideline (NCG) team, continue to communicate with key stakeholder representatives across Qatar. Nominated, subject matter experts (SMEs) undergo a highly rigorous selection process that ensures that there are no conflicts of interest and that there is optimal representation from across the healthcare provider organizations. These SMEs convene in workshops facilitated by the NCG team, to discuss and localize international guidelines and develop high quality evidence-based content that is relevant to the culture, customs, practice and formulary of Qatar.

By early 2017, 60 guideline development workshops were completed and guidelines and pathways will continue to be uploaded on the MOPH website as they become approved. The NCG team continue to monitor usage and maintain the published guidelines. As part of this ongoing effort, the team is working on outreach activities engaging numerous stakeholders to help ensure that clinical guidelines are integrated into everyday clinical practice. With the support from quality departments across Qatar’s healthcare provider organizations the NCG team is working on enabling, adaptable and sustainable systems that aim to help improve access, adoption and compliance to the guidelines.

Development of the National Clinical Guidelines


Second Edition 2017


First Edition 2016

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