MOPH Organized a Seminar on the "Clinical Guidelines"

Publication Date: 20 November 2013
Publication Date:
05 December 2016
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Ministry of Public Health recently organized a seminar to introduce a draft national clinical guidelines, with the participation of about 40 medical directors, doctors and health practitioners.

The seminar aimed to give a comprehensive picture of the draft guidelines as a national clinical improve health care quality and integration and the expected role of health practitioners in this project tools, and the seminar included a presentation about the different stages of the project and the mechanism for the development of guiding principles, and challenges.

Mrs. Huda Amer Al-Katheeri, Acting Director of Healthcare Quality & Patient Safety department at the Ministry of Public Health said that Effective communication is the basis for the success of any project or initiative to improve the quality of health care, and on this basis has been the development of an effective and well thought out communications plan and on a scientific basis with a view to the success of the draft guidelines and clinical national, especially since the development of these principles are new for the health sector in the State of Qatar, they are developing guidelines for clinical specific health institutions, and also developing special guidelines medical conditions specific part of the national strategies such as national cancer strategy and the national strategy for Diabetes.

Mrs. Huda Amer Al-Katheeri explained that it was taking into account the coordination, consultation and cooperation between all relevant parties when start to prepare draft guidelines national clinical, so as to achieve the desired goal through this project and other strategic projects and initiatives implemented by the Ministry of Public Health, which is the access to an integrated health system that provides high-quality service.

The information session is to draft the guiding principles of national clinical Based on the results, "the project's educational needs questionnaire", which included all registered doctors in the State of Qatar, has been prepared in collaboration with the Qatar Council for Healthcare Practitioners (QCHP), where the survey showed that doctors who are working in Qatar need to information relating to the national principles guiding clinical in terms of the sources used to develop a mechanism and development, and modify them to suit the nature of the health system and the factors influencing it.

It was sent the survey via e-mail to the medical directors, doctors and health practitioners through the database of the Qatar Council for Healthcare Practitioners (QCHP), and the goal is to determine the educational needs related to the principles guiding the national clinical and met as part of a communication plan which has been prepared for this project, and are being implemented Currently.

Based on these results it was enhanced orientation visits and field program carried out by the project guiding principles Clinical national team by holding several informative seminars for managers and medical doctors, nursing staff and medical assistance professions in health facilities.

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