MOPH Vaccinated 1500 Students against Tdap 

Publication Date:
21 February 2017
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MOPH announced the routine annual campaign to vaccinate 10 graders (first secondary) against tetanus ,diphtheria and pertussis diseases, the campaign activities started in private schools and schools in the country.

Up to this day about 1,500 students from grade ten in 15 schools, has been vaccinated.

The campaign against tetanus ,diphtheria and pertussis diseases organized by the Ministry of Public Health, through vaccination section , which represent the Health protection and Communicable Diseases control Department for the seventh year in collaboration with the Primary Health Care Corporation and the Ministry of Education and Higher Education. The campaign is targeting the grade ten students (first secondary); these three diseases targeted by vaccination are considers dangerous diseases that may cause the occurrence of death or disability in young adults.

Health protection and Communicable Diseases Control Department at the Ministry of Public Health advice all parents to urge their sons and daughters to take advantage of the opportunity of vaccination, as it has a major impact on their health protection and prevention of these serious Communicable Diseases. Being in mind that this dose is one of the periodic vaccinations for teenagers and within the basic vaccines in the National immunization schedule in Qatar .

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