MOPH organizes Eye Health Workshop for students

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24 December 2017
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Ministry of Public Health (MOPH) organized lately “Eye Health Workshop for students” in collaboration with Primary Health Care Corporation and Ministry of Education and Higher Education. The two day workshop targeted 125 nurses and health professionals who are working for independent, private and community schools in state of Qatar.

Dr. Kholoud Al-Mutawa head of non-communicable disease section (MOPH) has opened the workshop and stress on the importance of promoting the eye health of school students as measurements of visual acuity is mandatory for all school students in the state of Qatar. Dr. Al- Mutawa said, when we collaborate together to detect causes of low vision in students, we will definitely reduce the prevalence of low vision within children and protect this important age group from low vision.

During the workshop Dr. Shadi Al-Ashwal, ophthalmologist at MOPH, has presented various lectures about the common eye diseases and eye trauma, how to deal and refer such cases. Lectures included also the ways of referring and following cases of low vision in students. This workshop has been accredited by the Qatar Council for Healthcare Practitioners QCHP and each participant will get CPD.

To be note that MOPH Blindness Prevention Program, have performed many previous training workshops aiming to decrease the prevalence of low vison in students in parallel with the global initiative VISION 2020, that aims to eliminate blindness including childhood visual impairment.

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