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Ministry of Public Health Launches Baseline Survey on the Health and Safety of Employees

Publication Date:
18 September 2018 
Primary News

The Ministry of Public Health (MOPH) recently launched a national baseline survey on the health and safety of employees in Qatar. The survey was launched through a series of workshops attended by over seventy representatives from fifty-five different government and semi-government organizations.

The survey is a critical step forward towards achieving the national health target of providing 80% of government and semi-government employees with access to occupational health-based wellness programs by the year 2022. The data collected through the survey, will inform decision making on workplace health and wellness initiatives during the coming years.
Following a pilot in August this year, the baseline survey was officially launched during the recent workshops where attendees where provided technical assistance on how to fill in the survey and identify sources of information to facilitate data collection.

Healthy and Safe Employees has been identified as one of 7 priority populations within the recently launched National Health Strategy (NHS) 2018-2022. It reflects the strategy’s population health approach, which aims to achieve health improvements through addressing the health needs of population groups, rather than individuals.

The strategy identifies healthy employees as a key driver for societal development and economic productivity. It aims to achieve health improvements by promoting healthier lifestyles, improving workplace safety and reducing injuries, in addition to improving occupational health capabilities with the health sector.

 “The NHS 2018-2022 assigns great importance to health and safety in the workplace. We are aiming to work with employers through workshops and awareness sessions to achieve our targets, improve data, increase occupational health-based programs, and strengthen regulations,” said Dr Asma Al Nuaimi, National Lead for Healthy and Safe Employees NHS priority population.

“Collective action and cooperation are among the most important principles on which the NHS 2018-2022 is based. A key determinants of success is the support and collaboration from key stakeholders within and outside the health system, who share the same vision for a healthier future for Qatar's population,” added Dr Al Nuaimi.

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