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Publication Date: 20 November 2013
Publication Date:
16 January 2017
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Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) has recently organized a regional workshop of the “Integrated Communication Methodology for Health Behavior promotion in Health and Social Development Fields”, in cooperation with World Health Organization and COMBI Institute in the United States of America.

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A number of specialists from MoPH, Primary Healthcare Corporation, Qatar Diabetes Association, Qatar Cancer Association, Qatari Red Crescent and the Saudi Ministry of Public Health’s Public Health Department participated in the two-week workshop. The workshop was given by Dr. Everold N. Hosein, Professor in New York University, International Expert of Health Communication and Consultant to World Health Organization (WHO) and Integrated Communication Institute for Behavioral Change.

COMBI advanced training program was discussed during the workshop. This program provides a dynamic methodology for achieving the behavioral change in health and social development fields.

“The workshop comes as a part of MoPH’s efforts to change and promote health behaviors. It also focuses on family health and preventive health behaviors related to lifestyle diseases”, said Sheikh Dr. Mohamed Bin Hamad Al Thani, director of Public Health Department of MoPH, during his speech delivered at the workshop.

The director of Public Health Department added that COMBI Program, discussed in the workshop, aims at promoting health, health communications, health education and social mobilization as well as concentrating on the communicable and non-communicable diseases including diabetes, obesity and cancers, in addition to road accidents, health and behavioral disorders of teenagers, and other health and social behaviors.

He also added that specialists who participated in the workshop would be able to apply COMBI planning and implementation methodology for health and social development support in Qatar through the program’s ten-step method. This method is an adjusted version of the program held in New York in cooperation with WHO and UNICEF.

In the same context, Mrs. Samar Maad, director of Human Resources Department of MoPH, stated, “Success and implementation of this workshop on the regional level is considered a valuable addition to the role of MoPH’s Learning and Development Section in the field of health programs. This role is represented by organizing the workshop in the State of Qatar. Moreover, by participation of several international experts can prepare and train the participants to be able to apply COMBI planning and implementation methodology in supporting health and social development in Qatar”.

It is noteworthy that COMBI has been accredited by Medical Education and Accreditation Department of the Qatari Council for Health Practitioners (QCHP).

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