Vaccination of 166K child at the MMR National Campaign 

Publication Date: 20 November 2013
Publication Date:
08 December 2016
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The ministry of public health announced the vaccination of 166,145 child at the national campaign for measles, mumps and rubella which ran from the 17th of October 2016 till the 30th of November 2016 for children between the ages 1 and 13 years' old.

The campaign activities took place at government and private schools. Vaccination was also given in primary healthcare centers, Qatar petroleum clinics, Ras gas alkhor medical center and Sidra research and medical hospital. A large number of private health facilities also participated. Total of 70,142 of the children were vaccinated in 125 private schools and 40,176 children were vaccinated in 214 government schools. There were 55,827 vaccinated in the various participating health facilities. 42,449 were vaccinated in government primary healthcare centers and 13,378 received their vaccine in private healthcare facilities.

The ministry of public health stated that the campaign was successful and was met with widespread demand from local citizens and residents.

It also clarified that there were no serious reactions to the vaccine recorded amongst the vaccinated children till the end of the campaign which is attributed to the high quality and standards followed during the campaign.

It is important to highlight that the campaign was supported by the world health organization (WHO) and the American center for disease control in Atlanta (CDC-Atlanta).

The campaign was conducted to enhance the ministry of public health's efforts to eliminate measles from the State of Qatar in line with the world health organization recommendations which requires all member states to implement similar campaigns on a national level to reach the goal of measles elimination world and the WHO aims to achieve total elimination in the eastern Mediterranean region by 2020.

The ministry of public health thanks all participating agencies and health facilities that assisted during the campaign; primary healthcare corporation, Hamad medical corporation, Qatar petroleum, Ras Gas, Sidra medical and research hospital and all the participating private health facilities that provided the vaccination free of charge.

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