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Ramadan website has been relaunched

Publication Date: 20 November 2013
Publication Date:
10 May 2017
Primary News

The Healthcare Communications Committee has re-launched its website dedicated to helping the public stay healthy during Ramadan.

Mr. Ali Al Khater Introduced last year, the website is Qatar’s first online resource devoted to health and wellness during Ramadan.

Mr. Ali Al Khater, Chief Communications Officer, Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC), and Chair of the Healthcare Communications Committee, said the website provides the public with the combined health and wellness expertise and knowledge of the Ministry of Public Health, HMC and the Primary Health Care Corporation (PHCC). He said it provides information about common health issues that may be of particular interest during Ramadan.

“The site was developed last year by the Ministry of Public Health, HMC and the PHCC and this year’s version builds on that success. Ramadan, and fasting, in particular, provides an opportunity to focus on a balanced and healthy lifestyle. However, there can be health issues related to fasting and we understand that members of the public have questions and concerns. Our website contains important information about healthy eating, physical exercise and other strategies for staying safe and well during Ramadan,” said Mr. Al Khater.

The online resource includes information about the benefits of fasting as well as potential risks associated with fasting for individuals who are managing various health conditions. It also contains a daily calendar with health tips and answers to frequently asked questions.

“In developing this website, our main objectives were to help the public make more informed choices, minimize complications and maximize the benefit of their fast. This website does not replace medical advice from one’s doctor, but using the combined resources and expertise of the Ministry of Public Health, HMC and the PHCC, we aim to address the most frequently asked questions about fasting in general and medical issues in particular,” stated Mr. Al Khater.

He added that the website contains information on managing diabetes while fasting, tips for staying hydrated and healthy eating, as well as a range of other topics. On behalf of the Healthcare Communications Committee, Mr. Al Khater wished patients and the community a healthy and safe Ramadan.

The Ramadan website is available at: and information from the website will be shared across the partnering organization’s social media channels:

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