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Inauguration of Mesaimeer Workers Health Center

Publication Date: 20 November 2013
Publication Date:
07 May 2016
Primary News

Her Exellency Dr. Hanan Mohammad Al-Kuwari, Minister of Public Health has inaugurated Mesaimeer Workers Health Center and its attached Medical Commission Unit on Thursday 05 May 2016. A number of Public Health Ministry and Qatar Red Crescent officials attended the inauguration.

SPP-75.jpgUnder an agreement with the Ministry of Public Health, the Center will be operated by Qatar Red Crescent with the capacity to receive 32 thousand visitors per month, and an additional 11 thousand visitors in the medical commission unit. In the inauguration ceremony, Her Excellency said that the state of Qatar is keen on providing the best treatment and preventive health care services for the population of Qatar. HE also clarified that workers are provided with health care services of a high standard.

The Minister pointed out that the inauguration of Mesaimeer workers Health Centre is one of the Ministry’s many future health care projects targeting workers. These projects include 4 health Centers, 3 modern hospitals for workers, as well as, other medical commission units.

Mesaimeer workers Health Centre consists of 12 general clinics, specialized clinics in the fields of occupational medicine, internal medicine, ophthalmology, ENT (ear, nose, and throat), chronic diseases, dermatology, cardiac diseases, lung diseases, and 5 dental clinics.

The Center includes a bandaging and minor surgery room, and acute cases section that includes 12 beds. Moreover, there are medical laboratories for vital and chemical analyses, blood and microscopic analyses, in addition to a radiology section, a pharmacy, mental health services, health education services, and infectious & communicable diseases control.

The capacity of the Center’s reception is 300 visitors. It also includes a lecture hall and administrative offices; the Center is built on 13382 square meters as it also includes a mosque, staff accommodation and a cafeteria. The Center’s staff consists of 135 employees, 80% of which are of medical professions.


The medical commission unit in Mesaimeer new health Center includes a medical laboratory, a radiology section, a reception hall with the capacity of 200 visitors, and administrative offices. The unit’s staff consists of 60 employees, 80% of which are of medical professions.

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