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MMR Immunization Camp. Extended to November 30th

Publication Date: 20 November 2013
Publication Date:
13 November 2016
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The Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) has extended the ongoing national immunization against Measles, Mumps and Rubella (MMR) until November 30th.

The extension came following the high demand of parents to vaccinate their children and the high volume of calls received by the vaccination unit at the ministry of public health requesting the extension of the campaign activities.

In the same context, MoPH announced that the total number of children vaccinated at schools, primary healthcare facilities, Qatar petroleum medical centers, Sidra medical and research center and participating private clinics and hospitals, during the National Measles, Mumps and Rubella vaccination reached approximately 150,000 children till now.

The number of schools covered so far is 320 schools; 214 government schools and 106 private schools.

The vaccination activities will be available at the level of various healthcare facilities and parents can take their children to get vaccinated in all primary healthcare facilities in the State of Qatar, Qatar petroleum medical centers, the Ras Gas health facilities in Alkhor region as well as the following private healthcare facilities:

Al- Ahli Hospital, Doha Clinic Hospital, El-Emadi Hospital, American Hospital, Aster medical Center at AlMuntazah, Mother and fetus complex, Alisraa Clinic, Aster plus medical center Alhilal branch, Aster Medical Center Alkhor, Altaai Medical center, the Syrian American Medical center, Family medical Center, Alhayaa medical Center, Apollo Medical Centers, Dr. Maher Abbas clinic, Almansoor medical complex, Dr. Bashar Bashar clinic, Alkayali medical center, Altadawi medical center, Atlas medical center, Future medical center and Aljameel medical center.

The ministry encourages all parents with children between the age of 1 and 13 years' old who were not yet vaccinated as part of this campaign to take their children to any of the above mentioned medical facilities to avail of this very important measles, mumps and rubella vaccine booster dose free of charge.

MoPH stated that till date there has been no documented serious side effects amongst the children who received the vaccine attributing this to the compliance with the highest standards and highest quality in vaccination administration.

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