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Enhanced Health Promotion and Disease Prevention


​Plans for 'Enhanced Health Promotion and Disease Prevention' include the development of a health literacy framework and a health promotion and screening calendar, as well as refine data collection on morbidity and mortality.

What is Enhanced Health Promotion and Disease Prevention?

​The WHO defines health promotion as the process of enabling people to increase control over, and to improve, their health. Disease prevention focuses on prevention strategies to reduce the risk of developing chronic conditions and other morbidities.

Why is it a priority?
The evidence shows that investments in population health-based services, programs and interventions that focus on disease prevention, health promotion and health protection, will result in decreased demand and utilization of acute care health facility-based services. 

What are our targets by 2022?

  • Halt in the rate of overweight and obesity amongst adults (+18 years old) by 2022
  • 5% reduction in smoking prevalence by end of 2022
  • Achievement of at least 100% of the priority surveys included in the data collection framework by 2022
  • Achievement of 100% of the health promotion intervention included in the Healthcare Sector Development Action Plan by 2022. : 42
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