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Enhanced Health Protection


​​​Plans for 'Enhanced Health Protection' include the implementation of the National Emergency Preparedness Plan, enhancement of communicable disease control and environmental health risks, and enhancement and coordination of policies and regulations on food safety.

What is Enhanced Health Protection?

Health protection is a dynamic and responsive process that aims to ensure healthy living and working conditions, as well as to prevent the transmission of communicable diseases and epidemics. This includes monitoring the safety and quality of food, water, air and the general environment, in addition to managing outbreaks, and other incidents that may threaten the public health, such as exposure to harmful chemicals or radiation.

Why is it a priority?

The health sector has the responsibility to ensure safe environment for the population and protect them from public health threats related to disease, outbreaks, infections, environment, chemicals, radiation, food, water, and national emergencies or disasters. ​

Investing and planning in health protection will positively affect the entire population, decrease poor outcome related to these areas, and help control any potential negative consequences when incidents occur, and decrease associated costs if they occur.

What is our target by 2022?

65% of International Health Regulations indicators to be successfully achieved by 2022​​​ : 42
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