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Public Education and Understanding


Public awareness messaging regarding the signs and symptoms, and understanding of cancer have formed an integral part of campaigns operated by the MOPH.
Various successful campaigns supported by the Cancer Calendar, have indicated, according to the Cancer Awareness Measure (CAM) tool, that the population of Qatar has developed an improved understanding of cancer. More importantly, this has resulted in improved awareness that cancer can be cured if detected early. ​
Cancer Awareness and Myth refutation Campaigns
The engagement activities, such as the healthcare professional survey, that were conducted to inform this Framework revealed that the Cancer Champions Program ​is the most effective way to increase awareness about cancer

The influential figures involved in the Cancer Champions Program, which will continue to grow and involve cancer survivors, will play a bigger role in cancer awareness activities.
It is important that these programs are made available across various age groups and settings, including schools and universities. Cancer Champions have the unique ability to describe what it is like to be told that they have cancer, what it feels like to undergo treatment and what, for many, it is like to adjust back to normal life after ​treatment.

Public Health Strategy (PHS) Program for Cancer
The PHS underlines the importance of taking a whole system approach to public health, involving a wide variety of partners. In fact, the partnership with non-governmental and charitable organizations is already a reality in cancer.
​Partnership within the Cancer Community
Qatar Cancer Society (QCS) has been highly influential in developing cancer awareness, education, and support for cancer patients in Qatar. The objectives for the organization include:
    • Awareness and prevention of cancer
    • Financial support for cancer patients who are unable
    • To afford treatment
    • Coordination with various stakeholders to organize
    • seminars, courses, and conferences
    • Supporting research
    • Raising awareness of the disease and its prevention​
In the next six years, these partnerships will need to grow and develop within a coordinated and collaborative network, ensuring the alignment of messages and the maximization of their impact.

Finally, regular public, “Cancer Awareness Events”, which can help connect the various initiatives and cross stakeholder partners with members of the public, will make a significant contribution to increase awareness.​

Program Activities:-
  • Continue to develop the Cancer Champions myth refutation program in partnership with cancer survivors
  • Complete ​the Cancer Awareness Measure and repeat bi-annually
  • Develop a program of cancer prevention and education targeting academic institution
  • Schedule of regular cancer education public health events : 42
Phone : 44070000
Official Working Hours :
Sunday - Thursday 7:00 AM - 2:00 PM

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