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Requesting surgical concessions (dentistry)

Health care facilities icon Health care facilities
Health practitioners (dentistry) icon Health practitioners (dentistry)
submit an application for approval to grant dental concessions to dentists by assessing their academic qualifications, experience certificates and their surgical records
This service enables licensed healthcare practitioners to apply to get a dental privilege through the assessment of their credentials including academic qualifications, work experience certificates, log books and interview assessment (if needed) by a specialized committee. The privileges granted are divided into: core and non-core as per the specific scope.

Please keep up with the circulars issued by the Department of Healthcare Professions frequently to get the latest updates of the registration/licensing requirements.

The applicant must view the details and fill in the attached form and submit it along with the other required attachments to the relevant authority at the Ministry of Public Health

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Phone : 44070000
Official Working Hours :
Sunday - Thursday 7:00 AM - 2:00 PM

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