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Healthy and Safe Employees


​ Plans for ‘Healthy and Safe Employees’ aim at improving occupational health data collection and regulation and policy, providing safer workplaces, and introducing workplace wellness programs.

We will improve the health and wellbeing of our workforce by working with employers to increase occupational health-based programs and safeguard employee health, in order to improve personal and economic productivity.


Who constitutes this priority population?

All individuals employed at a Qatar based employer entity.


Why is this population a priority?

In Qatar, 86% of working age people are employed, and therefore, workplace wellness programs have the potential to reach a large percentage of the people in Qatar. Healthy employees provide benefits to the country both financially and from a productivity standpoint, and is essential for societal productivity and economic development.


What is our target by 2022?

55% of government and semi-government organisations will have access to an occupational health-based workplace wellness program.

National Lead

Dr. Asmaa Al Nuaimi
A/Director of Occupational Health & Safety, PHCC

Deputy National Lead

Mr. Jaber Al-Marri
Head of Work Inspection Section, Ministry of Administrative Development, Labor & Social Affairs

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Phone : 44070000
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Sunday - Thursday 7:00 AM - 2:00 PM

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